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Training Site Information

Roxell EMT is serious about growing our training network in order to increase life saving & safety training programs. We are constantly on the lookout for new Training Sites managing multiple Instructors who are passionate about delivering these programs.

The criteria for becoming a Training Site is:

  • Minimum of 250 students per year trained
  • If only one discipline must consider growing into teaching multiple disciplines
  • Must maintain one TCF in each discipline delivered (TCF criteria below)
  • Submit annual calendar of public courses for shared marketing opportunities (by 10/01 for following year)
  • Agree to participate Roxell EMT orientation
  • Must have the liablity insurance require by AHA
  • Written agreement required

Our goal in educating is to assure outstanding patient care is delivered via a confident rescuer by maintaining the quality and integrity of the curriculum for all credentialing bodies we represent. Training Sites and Instructors are expected to be an extension of that integrity.

Training Center Faculty

Roxell EMT trains high quality instructors but we don’t do it alone. The power of our training network comes from those “cream of the crop” individuals known as Training Center Faculty (TCF). We depend on them to create excellent instructors. Roxell EMT develops TCF based on several variables and at its sole discretion carefully chooses them to meet the needs of the Training Center. Preference is given to TCF candidates who:

  • Are Multidisciplinary
  • Fulfill a geographic need as determined by EMR
  • Have been teaching 2+ years

To become an EMR TCF you must:

  • Be a current Instructor in the discipline you are pursuing.
  • Attend an Roxell EMT orientation over the phone or at Roxell EMT.
  • Be monitored in an Instructor course for the discipline you are pursuing
  • Commit to teaching or assisting in 2 Instructor courses per year
  • Be a lead or assisting Instructor for a total of 50 students annually prior to application
  • Have positive course evaluations from last four courses (summarize)
  • Position is for a two year period at which time you’ll be reevaluated based on criteria above

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