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EMS Safety

NAEMT’s EMS Safety course promotes a safety culture and helps reduce the number of on-the-job fatalities and injuries.

Topics Includes:

  • Applying crew resource management in EMS
  • Using situational awareness and defensive driving for safe emergency vehicle operations
  • Employing multiagency preplanning, vehicle and practitioner visibility techniques, and defensive staging practices at roadside incidents
  • Using lift assist teams, lifting and moving equipment, and behavioral controls to protect both EMS practitioners and patients from injury.
  • Employing situational awareness to assess for the potential of violence on the scene continually, and verbal and physical techniques to deescalate potential threats.
  • Practicing infection and contagion control to protect both EMS practitioners and patients from emerging threats
  • Strengthening resiliency skills to help EMS practitioners cope with daily and critical incident stress
  • Ensuring personal readiness for the daily challenges and hazards of working in the field through optimal personal health

EMS Safety is offered as an 8-hour classroom course and is appropriate for all levels of EMS practitioners, other medical professionals who provide prehospital patient care, and EMS supervisors and administrators

Cost: $100

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