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TNCC – Trauma Nursing Core Course – TNCC Challenge

TNCC Challenge

The TNCC Challenge is intended for nurses with previous TNCC provider card.

The is a special “challenge” process of Pass or Fail.

There are no classroom lectures or Skills Practice.

It is the student responsibility to know your eligibility for challenge course. 

This is a special 1-day challenge, for the 7th Edition TNCC Provider course. This course is intended for licensed RNs who work in the emergency care setting (at least six months of experience recommended). Other health care providers may audit the course on a space-available basis without receipt of the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) verification. 

TNCC provider card by the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) will be issued upon passing the course.

There are no CEU’s for the TNCC challenge 

Cost: $225.00

TNCC Textbook: $79.99

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